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Thread: Capture One

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    Capture One

    Hi All,

    New to the site. I am currently over in the US doing a degree in Photography and I've heard that there will be an opportunity to become Capture/Phase One certified (Digital Capture Tech). I know that it is a good opportunity to start working and making a decent bit of money here in the US but as i'll be coming back home to Aus at the end of the year once i finish my degree, i have no idea if it is as big of an opportunity back home. Does anyone have any idea? Any help would be appreciated.


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    According to this :

    it is a 2 day workshop. So whilst doing the workshop might give you some good information, I don't expect it will give you skills that are way beyond what someone who has self-taught is going to have. It is not like its a whole semester of training.

    perhaps contact some of the Australians at the bottom of this page and ask them what having the certification has done for their business?

    I have done lots of 2 day workshops over the years and gained some good skills from them, but I cannot say I have ever done one that proved to be so good that it completely changed the way I operate and made my business hugely more successful, on its own.
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