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Thread: Comp voting change

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    Comp voting change

    In this thread .... Rick mentioned, "What Kym did was change the way photos load, so they load as you scroll down the competition entry list when voting, rather than all trying to load at once when you open the thread."

    Anyone who votes in the comps would have noticed the change.
    Do you like it this way or not?

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    We did it for one reason only, to balance the load on the site server. 101 entries in POTY, each about 250KB. As soon as someone opened the voting thread, the site would start downloading all those photos at once, to the users computer for viewing. This obviously put a bit of a load on the server, especially if more than one member was doing it at the same time. So we changed the way they load so they load a few, then you scroll down and they load the next few, etc. For no other reason than to keep the site server more stable.

    Must admit it took me a few scrolls downs to get used to it when voting/looking at the POTY thread, but I soon found it fine.
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