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Thread: Getting a grip on the EPL3

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    Getting a grip on the EPL3

    For some reason, when Olympus 'upgraded' the EPL range from EPL2 to EPL3, they dropped the handgrip on the front RH side, instead electing to make it annoyingly smooth.
    Looks modern I guess, but damn hard to hold securely in one hand.

    So after finding my newly acquired EPL3 a tad hard to hold, I found a grip on ebay.
    Could only get a white one, so doesn't match the red body, but it is a tool, not a fashion statement (like its user perhaps )
    (I didn't particularly want a red body, but for only $100, I would have happily bought it with pink & purple polka dots)
    Also added the thumb grip I have used previously on my small Oly bodies.

    IMG_20141218_112223 resized.jpg
    CC always appreciated

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    Good one Matt like that title and a terrific find, my attitude also who cares what it looks like as long as it shoots good
    I could not image owning a camera with out a hand grip I would be lost without the one on my E-M1 or my other brand cameras as l often have to shoot one handed for Macro..

    I shoot with Canon And Olympus Cameras

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