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Thread: Some Ausphotography Site Data

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    Some Ausphotography Site Data

    I have done this a few times in the past and thought some members might be interested in some data about the site (and members)

    All this data is taken from the last 30 days.

    77% of members only access the site using a 'desktop' computer
    5.5% of members only access the site on a mobile phone type device
    4.4% of members only access the site on a tablet device
    1% access using all three of the above
    7.7% use desktop and mobile
    3.85% use desktop and tablet

    27.5% are between 18-24 years old
    33.5% are between 25-34
    15.5% are 35-44
    12.5% are 45-54
    5.5% are 55-64
    5.5% are 65+

    45.85% are female
    54.15% are male

    95.45% of people who visit the site, have come back to the site for further visits during the last 30 days
    The average visit time is just under 6 minutes.
    On each visit the average pages viewed is 5 pages.
    For new visitors to the site, the average page views is 12 pages, with an 11.5 minute visit average

    So there you go, interesting or maybe not?
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    Very Interesting actually, though wondering where do Laptops/Notebooks fit in here.
    As I use my Desktop in the day and my MacBook Pro in the evening, night and very early mornings and maybe often more over 24 hours than my Desktop,
    Can the data distinguish between these two above ?

    I am amazed at the ages though I guess the Teens/Young Adult/ Middle Aged Members must have employment where they are on Computers all day

    Thanks for that Rick.

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    Notebooks appear as 'desktops'
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricktas View Post
    5.5% of members only access the site on a mobile phone type device
    Personally, I have never understood this. Can't see how viewing a photo on a 100mm (or so) screen can do it justice.
    I guess other peoples eyesight is better than mine!
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