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Thread: Now another firmware update 2.2 for E-M1!

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    Exclamation Now another firmware update 2.2 for E-M1!

    I wasn't going to bother updating my cameras for the 40-150 lens inclusion as I can't afford that lens (at this point in time), but I just noticed today (while checking on the 2.0 update date & I now notice they have brought a fix as follows:-

    (Nov.20 2014)

    The issue in firmware version 2.0 and 2.1 where bright points appear in some images has been resolved.

    So it looks like I better update it then.
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    Thanks for that Ross. I discovered it quite by accident earlier this morning and updated just as a matter of course as I hadn't noticed the problem. - Probably because, knowing that I'll always post-process, I always take all my photos in raw format.

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