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Thread: Lens for travel in Italy

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    Lens for travel in Italy

    I'm off to Italy for a month long holiday next September. It's not a photographic holiday per se, but I do want to take pictures. Having said that I want to travel as light as possible, a light tripod, cable release and one lens. I want a lens for my 7D that is good in low light, doesn't stick out a mile, ( i.e. is unobtrusive), I want to shoot street scenes, interesting people, food, country sides. Suggestions appreciated.
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    Are you looking at non-Canon lenses as well, Cinvala? In any case, I will change the title to read:
    "Lens for travel in Italy" and put your thread into the General Help forum.

    For instance, one such that came to mind is the Sigma 18-35 Art lens. Though it's only a 2X zoom, and for crop-sensor cameras only,
    it has constant f/1.8 f-top, so good for low light. May not be as unobtrusive as you may like, but in that department you might not have much luck.
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    My last trip to Europe, I added new lenses and was very happy, Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS and a Sigma 24-105 Art f4 OS.
    I took a lot af multi shot pano's that required stitching when I got home.
    I didnt want to take a normal tripod, so I went to Photo Continental in Brissy the day before we left and got a Velbon EX Mini.
    It worked great around town, resting on bench's and bins etc.
    Hope this helps.

    PS one of our friends on our Italy trip had his camera bag stolen at breakfast in the hotel in Venice, because it was his bag,
    he lost everything, including backups.
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    Hi there,
    if you have a 7d you surely also must have a lens for it?
    if it is a standard kit lens you probably will be OK--if it is a prime lens you even can forget a tripod.

    As you said it is NOT a photo excursion so travel light and enjoy your trip.

    When I went to Europe I left my SLR at home and took only a little Canon G11 with a tiny 2$ pocket tripod and was mighty glad I did leave the heavy SLR at home!
    And the results were to my full satisfaction.

    The main thing is to be contend with what you take and don't say "I should have..."
    Cheers Moxi

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