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Thread: WARNING : Crypto Virus

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    WARNING : Crypto Virus

    I received the following warning email this afternoon via a friend in the virus detection field:

    A virus has recently been released that so far has not been prevented by leading anti-virus companies. If you receive an email with an attachment that you do not recognize, please do not open the attachment. It can only infect your computer, workstation (and possibly the server) if you execute the file. It is often disguising itself as PDF’s, with titles that suggest they’re invoices, but will thereafter run a program to lock you out of accessing your own files unless you pay a ransom.

    For more information on this virus, you can look here.

    If you believe you may have this virus, due to being unable to open your own files, do not attempt to open any more files at that stage. Contact your support/pc help professional

    Please do distribute this advice urgently.
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    Thanks for the heads up Rick ..... Will be passing this along


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