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Thread: About ALBERT KHAN... COLOUR Photography in the early 20th Century

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    About ALBERT KHAN... COLOUR Photography in the early 20th Century

    Recently I was watching a DVD series by the BBC about this (inter alia) photography benefactor.

    I was amazed about what I DIDN'T know about him and about the history and development of photography.

    Basically, as a philanthropist, he set out to document by COLOUR photography and by movie film the then fast disappearing cultures
    of the world, and thereby also, to help promote world peace through international understanding. He did this by financing and
    sending teams of photographers all over the world, and he set up a museum to house their efforts. He used the AUTOCHROME
    system of colour photography, invented by the Lumiere Brothers in France shortly before.

    Here are some links...

    About Albert Khan

    About Autochrome process
    and from Wikipedia


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    Looks fascinating. Thanks for the links.

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