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Thread: Is anyone playing with card converters or Wifi cards?

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    Is anyone playing with card converters or Wifi cards?

    I have several Canon EOS bodies, mostly CF.

    Given the price of CF cards and my photo sessions are chewing more cards (I don't get time to post process anymore) I was looking for a way to start using my plentiful supply of SD and Micro Sd cards. (from other devices). Whilst getting a couple of these I also came across the Toshiba FlashAir card.

    I got myself an SD to CF adaptor (3rd and 6th generation Extreme cards), a Dual Micro SD to CF card and a Toshiba Flash Air 32 gb.

    I have since hammered these to test response and reliability. I have had no problems. I love the Toshiba FlashAir, especially in my CF adaptor in my canon EOS 5D. I can now make my 5D wireless and use Snowy to keep the data synchronized with my laptop.

    I am curious though, has anyone played with these ? I know they are cheap and wonder if I am expecting to have problems. any experiences?

    Love any feedback on this.
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