The wife's beloved superzoom P&S has died. Like most, Pentax X90 was pretty good in good light & served its purpose.
She hates using my Nikon with the 80-200 on it for some reason - something about being a little heavy

Anyway, a bit of internet trawling seems to indicate the Olympus SP100 & Fuji S1 are towards the top of the heap in the "around $400-ish" bracket

Similar specs - 16 megapickles, 50x zoom 1-2/3" sensor

The Oly has a 'sight' which seems a bit gimmicky...but might turn out to be an interesting idea. f2.9-6.5 ISO 6400

The Fuji is weather resistant, which is handy. slighter wider aperture f2.8-5.6 , ISO 12800 (which is probably a bit optimistic)

Just wondering if anyone has used either?