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Thread: Sony's new camera model .. is this the future of photography?

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    Sony's new camera model .. is this the future of photography?

    Sony has announced two new camera dongle thingies for connection to smartphones.

    The QX-30 and, more interestingly, the QX1.

    The QX1 is more interesting in that it's an APS-C sensor, but instead of a bulit in lens like the other QX models, it has a lens mount for accepting interchangeable lenses! Sony E-mount of course.

    Of course what this means is that your smart phone can now be a more compact mirrorless type camera.
    Speed(of image capture) isn't a problem either @ 10fps.

    I've always been curious about these QX devices, after I updated my old Samsung Galaxy phone to a Sony Z1 a while back.
    I'm just not a big fan of built in lenses, even in compact cameras.

    Anyhow, I just thought the idea of it sounded a bit less bland than such a device would otherwise sound.

    Now all Sony need to make is a set of glasses, much like Google Glasses, that also connect to such a device, and the 'camera' wouldn't be required at all.
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    In the end, it's still a point and shoot, but I think the best thing about it is, that it's a quality point and shoot. I definitely wish I had the money for the QX1 - able to put lenses are all sorts of angles and positions and such, is great.

    But again, that's just the idea, whether it'll work well or not, who knows? Sony isn't good in terms of software
    Will the benefit of free placement really be worth it? I think this is dependent on the person using it, so the market could be pretty decent (now that these days, people are all over the creative stuff)
    Is it convenient? Again, depends on the person. Holding a lens on a camera is one thing, holding just a lens and taking photos as such, some high quality stabilisation may be required.


    At the end of the day, I think this is more of a gimmick for those those who can afford it and want to try something different.

    But with time, I believe it'll become a good mainstream. Think about it - when people are filming, you get all kinds of crazy angles - this is much more light weight, easier to work with, quality is just as good (since you're using proper lenses), etc.
    Once it's all executed properly, I'm sure the benefits will start weighing in and the QX series can take off.
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    That's foreshore, David.
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