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Thread: Cheap waterproof casing

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    Cheap waterproof casing

    I have a job that requires some underwater video. It will be very shallow (3 feet max) clear water, over coral reefs, so no need for lights. I’ll be using my Canon 5diii and probably 24-70L lens.
    As this is a bit of a one-off, I’m reluctant to
    fork out for a professional casing. I’ve noticed this DiCAPac casing ( for less than $100. Has anyone used this? Would you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydney Portraits View Post
    Has anyone used this?

    No, I haven't which doesn't make me very qualified to comment on the suitability but -----

    Quote Originally Posted by Sydney Portraits View Post
    Would you recommend?

    Definitely not!!! Mostly because the bhp listing says it suits DSLRs " SLR cameras that have a length of 7.5" (120mm) or smaller. " and from a quick look at the specs of the Canon it is 152mm long.

    Also, if you are willing to risk a valuable camera in a an unproven piece of gear I would make sure that you insure the camera.

    Alternatively, look at renting a housing for the day. I can't remember the brand that was displayed at the last PMA show in Melb. but they had rental facilities for their uber expensive ( tried and trusted housings ) so that may be a better option.
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