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RPA, UAV, drone?

An RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft), UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and a drone are the same thing, just different terminology. Although RPA is the preffered term by the industry, either UAV or RPA can be used.

Total RPA are your one stop shop for all your RPA/UAV certification requirements. While it's a reasonably complex task, it doesn't have to be difficult and confusing. Total RPA can take the hard work out of your RPA training. Let us do all the leg work, while you concentrate on your business. We provide the training for all the steps required by CASA to obtain your controllers certificate and your operators certificate.

This training includes:

Online PPL theory course
Radio operators certificate (online)
Manufacturers training (through rise above aerials)
Manufacturers assessments (for owner builders)
Log book templates

The RPA industry in Australia is one of the fastest growing sectors of aviation. Technology advances over the last five years have enabled state of the art robotic aerial vehicles to be within the easy reach of the average persons finances.

The machines are controlled by sophisticated intelligent auto pilot hardware integrated with remote control access through standard handheld devices.

There is very little skill required to operate them as the computer 'brains' of the RPA takes care of everything, the remote pilot simply makes the inputs on the controls and the brains do the rest. Limitless opportunities

Aerial photography
Commercial photography
Artistic photography

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