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Thread: Forum name change

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    Forum name change

    We have changed the name of the Camera / Lens / Gear talk forum. From now it will simply be the 'Gear Talk' forum. As cameras and lenses are gear, it seemed logical to simplify the name.

    Nothing else changes, it still remains in the same position in the forum list, is still setup with Brand sub-forums etc.
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    But when I saw Forum name change for the subject, I thought you were going to change the name of the forum from Aus Photography to something else, like David's Photo Club or something. J/K

    Well, I think the Gear Talk change was good nonetheless - I always felt that it was a little long for some odd reason and that it was interesting that initially camera and lens was specifically mentioned separately, so I thought gear was very specific to accessories too. lol
    David Tran

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