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Thread: New Camera Advice? Will be used to shoot a lot of Video)

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    New Camera Advice? Will be used to shoot a lot of Video)


    I am currently in the market for a new camera, its main purpose will be to record some acoustic music performances. But I will also be traveling soon, so to take some great pictures as well.

    I currently have a Nikon D90, which has no mic input and no auto focus, so I will be selling this soon.

    The cameras that have stood out to me are Sony SLT-A65 and Canon EOS 700D . I am currently leaning towards the song as it seems to be an all round better camera. I have picked up and held both of these cameras in store, the auto focus on the Sony seemed to be much faster then the Cannon!

    The only reason I have not brought the Sony is because the flip out screen can not be view when recording yourself, (So I can't double check that I am in frame) hence why I love the Cannon so much!

    Any suggestions to other cameras or just some general advice on why one of the other is superior for shooting video would be much appreciated.
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    Hey Justem19, for me I reckon all the new DSLR cameras would have exceeded my level expertise, however I just had to spend a week on google to help sway me. Along the way I learnt that the EOS 70D was touted as being as good if not better with video then any other brand. I ended up with the 70D but have not put it through it's video paces yet.


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    What is your budget? (almost always the most important point to clarify)

    If you can afford it, the Panasonic GH4 is about as good as it gets in terms of video capability.
    While you may not use all that ability, if you're primary objective is video .. then get the device that stands out above the others because if you get more into it in the future .. you may find your older equipment to be a bit limited.

    I think a GH4 retails at about the $1500 mark(not sure, but something like that).

    Like I said tho .. not knowing your budget, the only reason I recommended the GH4 is because of your comment about it being primarily for video.
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