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Thread: The Light in Winter

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    The Light in Winter

    So basically Federation Square is having a heap of activities and exhibitions going on.

    Anyways, there's a whole list of stuff going on but I was thinking this Saturday - spur of the moment for anyone who can make it.
    I won't be going to the whole thing, but I'm going to my friend's totem pole exhibition, which will have totem poles from Korea, Pacific Islands, and Afghanistan.

    Anyways, here's the list of stuff happening this Saturday (there's stuff happening everyday for those with the time (just go the link above, and click on one of the dates on the calendar top left)):
    Event Category Start Time
    FED TV Schedule Exhibitions + Showcases 08:00 AM
    Sue Ford Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    StArt Up: Top Arts 2014 Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Screen Worlds Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Kirra Illuminating Glass Award Exhibition Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Mid-Century Modern Australian Furniture Design Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Fashion Detective Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    The Calling Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Inge King: Constellation Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    David McDiarmid Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Australian Art Collection Exhibitions + Showcases 10:00 AM
    Book Market Exhibitions + Showcases, Hobbies + Craft 11:00 AM
    Fed Square Free Guided Tour Forums + Talks 11:00 AM
    The Seven Seas: SINK Exhibitions + Showcases 11:00 AM
    DIY Shrine Festivals + Celebrations 12:00 PM
    Poetry at Fed Square Forums + Talks, Hobbies + Craft 02:00 PM
    Solstice Celebration Festivals + Celebrations 05:00 PM
    Audio + Tactile Tour Festivals + Celebrations 05:00 PM
    Campfire Program Festivals + Celebrations 05:00 PM
    The Light in Winter Festivals + Celebrations 05:00 PM
    The Light in Winter Student Night Tours Festivals + Celebrations, Kids Events 05:00 PM
    Anachron Exhibitions + Showcases, Festivals + Celebrations 05:30 PM
    Radiant Lines by Asif Khan Exhibitions + Showcases, Festivals + Celebrations 05:30 PM
    Totems + Wishing Poles Exhibitions + Showcases, Festivals + Celebrations 05:30 PM

    So yeah, if anyone's interesting, I'll be there around 5pm or so for the Totems + Wishing Poles. Depending on how things go, I may join in with the Radiant Lines and Anachron.

    Definitely going to be a big night and a real test of photography for night shots and also light work and everything (at least for me as I'm only a beginner really).

    My number: 0402 506 665

    I'm also thinking down the track next week or two, to head down to Ballarat Wildlife Park - will be a great opportunity to practice shooting animals without high levels of potential danger like the Safari at Werribee Zoo.

    I still haven't gone down to the old Spotswood Mills for some urban decay as I was planning to so that's on my list too. lol
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