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Thread: New revised 400 f2.8 with flourite lenses and a new 1.4x TCIII

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    New revised 400 f2.8 with flourite lenses and a new 1.4x TCIII

    Nikon has announced a revised 400 f2.8 VRII with flourite lenses in the optical path meaning a lighter lens, by about 1 kg. Also a new improved 1.4x TCIII with the same flourite treatment.

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    They announced quite a lot (overnight Aussie time)

    A new mirrorless: Nikon 1 J4 Mirrorless Digital Camera 18.4 Megapixel, Wifi, 60 fps, Touchscreen
    and Nikon 1 S2 Mirrorless Digital Camera, 14.2 Megapixel, Full HD 1080p Video, 20 FPS

    Note prices in the above links are USD, from our site advertiser Adorama
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    At first I was like 20 FPS video? That's very odd... It's not even standard speed...
    Then I double check the details of the camera then say 60fps for video, and the 20 FPS is probably how many photos it takes a second, and then the features say it takes 60 FPS a second, so I'm at a lost what the 20 FPS represents here...
    Then I read more it's 30-60 FPS static image, 10-20 FPS moving with AF. What a confusing company lol

    Anyways, I find their approach to video + stills very interesting that they're doing the same as Sony, a 10 photo limit. This is the one thing I miss about Samsung - their's was unlimited - image saves as you take it, so you take as much as you want. And during playback of video, if you get to a point you like, you can pause and take that image shot too.

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