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Thread: Approaching and shooting a model

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    Approaching and shooting a model

    Hi all

    I am really keen on getting a model and taking some shots of them, maybe at the beach or in the city with graffitied walls possible even an old warehouse which i found a while ago.

    But my question is im not sure how to approach them, i suppose i could say i really dont have any idea about portraiture or model shooting but i really want to learn about it and jumping into the deep end is probably harsh but its one way ill learn i suppose.
    Anyway, they will probably ask me whats your theme and TBH im not really sure what my theme would be. I look at a lot of photos of models and a lot of them i cant understand the theme or the image they are trying to display, more then likely its just an interesting image that has caught my eye.

    so what themes do people use, if any, in say a cityscape type shot with a posing model or a shoot down the beach?

    thanks guys

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    There's jumping in at the deep end of the pool ... and then there's jumping into the Pacific Ocean above the Mariana Trench!

    Models are, justifiably, suspicious of working with photographers they don't know. Start working with friends, build a small portfolio, join a group that does regular studio shoots, add to your portfolio, THEN join Model Mayhem or a creative group near you (heaps on Facebook) and take it to the next level. Working alone with a new photographer in the bush or some dark alley is simply NOT recommended for most models. Hope that helps, and no offence intended.
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