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Thread: Cyclone Ita

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    Cyclone Ita

    Well here I am with power, hardly any wind and the rain just starting to kick in, I think Cairns might have dodged a bullet .
    Not so lucky for feathers I fear .....
    The cyclone has just crossed the coast at Cape Flattery not that far north of Cooktown its been downgraded to a Cat 4 and is now much smaller in size but still as deadly, destructive winds of 230 kms at he core. It will passing Cooktown just to the west in the next few hours, Thinking of you feathers, have seen some live streaming form ozcylone chasers & its starting to get hairy I know you probably cant cant see this but stay safe buddy.
    We have been lucky this time !! It is supposed to track inland and south over the next day or so losing intensity as she does, so lots of rain and the creek flushed for me

    Cheers Cargo

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    Great to hear this Cargo, and I hope Feathers is OK also. And Thanks for keeping us posted

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