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Thread: Competition Access / Forum Activity

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    Competition Access / Forum Activity

    A reminder about our competitions.

    Rule 3 states

    Competition access is linked to forum participation. If you enter competitions on Ausphotography but do not actively participate in the forums on the site on a regular basis, your entry may be disqualified, at the discretion of the administrators and moderators.

    The site is provided free, and the only thing we ask is that if you want full access, is that you are active on the forums, both posting your own stuff and helping others with critique, advice, comments.

    Recently we sent messages to several members prompting them to join in more on the forums or risk having their competition entries disqualified. Many took that advice on board. However, I wanted to post this thread as a reminder. This afternoon we sadly disqualified one of the finalist entries in a current competition under voting, as they had not posted to the site since mid January. They were sent the PM several weeks back now, asking them to be more active on the forums.

    We are not asking people to post every day, or even every week, but for all that the site offers, for free, we do ask that regular forum participation is required if you want to try and win a prize in one of our competitions. We reward active members!
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    We have given a rough guideline as to what is considered active participation in the past.
    This is a guide for members to get the most from AP and improve their photography! (Your benefit!!)
    (This link for a more detailed version)

    • Post one or two images per fortnight for CC in the Member Photo forums
      (This is the best way for you to learn)

    • Give a thought out CC to two or three other images for each image that you post
      (more than "nice picture", e.g. What you liked, what you would do differently, and why)

    • Maybe enter one competition per month
      (you never know you might make the final or even win )

    • Interact (a post or three) in some discussion on photography
      (a helpful hint or question)

    That can be covered in a couple of 20-30 minute sessions per fortnight and getting out and taking a few photos.

    Even at this low level of participation your skills will improve over 6 months or a year - and you will have fun!
    regards, Kym Gallery Honest & Direct Constructive Critique Appreciated! ©
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