Just a little announcement that I thought would be timely to give you details of before the start of the competition

ANZAC DAY : 25th April 2014

The Photo of the Week Competition that will open for entries on 27th April will have an ANZAC theme. So if you are going out to shoot a service or parade, remember to keep an entry to yourself and not put up for critique, to enter in the competition.

I also remind you of the following competition rule:

12. Any photograph entered must not have been placed on Ausphotography, or the entry must not be obviously from the same photographer, based on shoot location and subject matter, such that anonymity is effectively bypassed in the 30 days prior to the competition opening date. Photographs entered cannot be posted elsewhere on the site for the entire duration of the competition. However, for full anonymity we encourage entering photographs that have not been posted to Ausphotography before. Photographs that have been on the site before should not be 'bumped' to bring them back to current discussion on the forums during the competition. Any method of associating your username with your entry within the 30 days prior to the competition opening, or during the competition, will be considered as being in breach of this rule.

So do not enter a photo that is to similar to any you present for critique in the forums.