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Thread: Competitions : Rule Reminder

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    Competitions : Rule Reminder

    Just thought it might be prudent to remind members of the following rule in relation to all our Photography Competitions here on Ausphotography.

    Rule 3 of the competitions states:

    Competition access is linked to forum participation. If you enter competitions on Ausphotography but do not actively participate in the forums on the site on a regular basis, your entry may be disqualified, at the discretion of the administrators and moderators.

    When members enter a competition, but have not posted to the forums for 14 days or more, they are sent a personal message (automated) reminding them that competition access is linked to forum participation.

    As we also now have the quarterly competition, with some truly great prizes up for grabs, it is timely to remind everyone that if you enter our competitions and do not participate actively and regularly on the site forums, you risk having your competition entry disqualified.

    Ausphotography is provided free, and we have always tried to offer up great prizes. All we have asked in return is that for a chance to win a prize in our competitions is that you give something back to the site, by being active on the forums.

    We have begun sending out a personal message to members who have entered competitions but not been active on the forums advising them that they risk being disqualified from the competition if they do not become more active on the forums. We will be sending the personal message once only. If those members who receive the message do not become and remain active forum members throughout the competition period, the next advice they receive will be that their entry has been disqualified.

    As said above, Ausphotography is free for members to use, and each year we give away $thousands in prizes. The one thing we ask is that for you to be eligible to win one of those prizes, is that you are a regular active forum member. So please if you get one of these personal messages consider it, and we look forward to seeing you on the forums regularly.
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