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Thread: Epson V700 - $499 (Delivered) Direct from Epson

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    Epson V700 - $499 (Delivered) Direct from Epson

    I realise that there will only be very limited (if any) interest in this, but thought worth posting...

    The Epson Clearance Centre has CARTON DAMAGED V700 scanners for $499 with free delivery until 15th Feb. Normal warranty applies. Site shows "Was $949", but 'street' prices run from around $700 upward.

    Received mine this morning. Carton had a 'scrape' (slight gouge) of around 10-12cm along front of box, but hadn't made any mark on the inside of the cardboard (which is well clear of the machine anyway). I doubt that I'd have noticed the carton damage in a shop.
    5/2/14 11:30pm - ordered (paid using Paypal)
    6/2/14 10:00am - received email stating item shipped + tracking #
    10/2/14 9:30am - delivered

    [A 'surprise bonus' is that the V700 comes packaged with PS Elements v11 (latest is v12 I think). Coincidentally I'm currently trialling PP software to replace my ancient PS Elements version 4, so this will provide another handy saving].

    On a more general note, the Epson's clearance centre often has good discounts on printers and other products, so worth keeping an eye out if you're in the market for something. Just be sure to check warranty terms (e.g. only 6 months for factory seconds) and compare prices against those on the street (Officeworks, etc).


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    Gosh darn it I wish I had seen this post earlier ! Thsi is the one that comes with the slide carriers etc for scanning?

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