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Thread: ViewNX2 update to v2.9.0(from 2.8.3)

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    ViewNX2 update to v2.9.0(from 2.8.3)

    ViewNX2 update site:

    Updates that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions

    Support for the COOLPIX S6800, S6700, S3600 has been added.
    The White Balance section in the Adjustments palette has been changed, or support added, as follows:
    An Auto 1 option has been added.
    ViewNX 2 adjusts white balance for colors similar to those captured with a camera's Auto 1 (Normal) * white balance setting. However, only RAW images captured with the following cameras are supported:
    The D7000 and later DSLR cameras
    Advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses
    The COOLPIX A as well as the COOLPIX P7100 and later COOLPIX cameras that support recording in the NRW format
    *Auto white balance setting with cameras that do not offer an Auto 2 (Keep warm lighting colors) option
    Adjustment units available with the Tint option have been changed from 1 to 0.01 for more precise specification.
    The adjustment range for the Fine Adjustment option has been expanded from 4132-7042 to 2500-7042 when Direct sunlight is selected.
    Adjustment using the Fine Adjustment and Tint options is now possible when Recorded Value, Auto 1, Auto 2, or Underwater is selected.
    A Switch over to second slot after transfer option has been added to the Preferences panel in Nikon Transfer 2. When this option is checked, a confirmation dialog asking whether or not files recorded to the second memory card should be transferred will be displayed after files recorded to the first memory card are transferred. This function is available only when a camera with two memory card slots is connected to the computer using MTP/PTP (PTP).
    The AF Noise Reduction... option in the File menu more effectively reduces the sound of lens drive with autofocusing

    AF noise reduction: I'm not sure why you'd be using Nikon movie editor to edit your movies in the first place .. but hey!

    Whitebalance!! For this alone VNX2 users would want to update. The ability to adjust tint in 0.01 increments shouldn't be underestimated. One of VNX's biggest bugbears solved.
    The previous -12 to 12 structure was limited to say the least. And also with this new tint ability comes the ability to set direct sunlight to a broader range of temperatures than before.
    Also new Auto1 and Auto2 WB settings exist, as per the more modern camera models .. eg. D7000 and later.

    While it's handy to have, I see it as a waste of programming time .. would have been easier to simply have a K(Temp) option and with that the ability to define a broader temperature range too, say 1000-10000K range.
    Instead we now get Auto 1&2 which allows a K setting range of 2500-10000 in one setting.
    Prior to this you have to use a preset WB setting to get to your desired range list and then tweak it to your preferred K value from there ... way too many mouse clicking maneuvers. Much easier now tho.

    Anyhow, even tho the philosophy is convoluted, it all still helps mainly due to the the new tint adjustment capability.

    I just opened an old file I had lots of trouble with and set WB to something more like I wanted .. simply with the help of the 0.01 step granularity of the tint adjustment tool

    Apart from that, not much else on the feature radar. Still no noise altering ability, nor the ability to alter vignetting settings(VNX2 sets a small amount of vignetting compensation by default!! .. and can't be turned off or adjusted).

    Well at least Nikon is trying. Feature boosts are coming in very small doses via a drip feed system. Sad to see really, as I like the simple nature of it for most common tasks and is my most commonly use software on my PC.
    I'd like to see a major update with a couple of more intricate features .. such as the NR reduction editing ability, even if it were only the same as in camera settings + (totally)off .. vignetting control ... maybe a very rudimentary dodge/burn tool ... and most important .. keyword/ITPC searching!!

    Ah well, at this rate we'll probably see some of these features in about the year 3015 or so
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    Thank you Arthur. still my main program but hadn't checked for upgrades for a while so might look at that now, must also look at camera firmware to but OH well.
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    Good luck on trying to get a firmware update from Nikon on an old camera!

    Lots of theories on why they're so few and far between .. many seem to think it's because Nikon got it right in the first go.

    I seriously doubt that, as many new features come to light that are easily added via a firmware tweak.

    ... as a couple of examples: better/more accurate focusing algorithms .. and more importantly AutoISO feature with new tweaks such as recognising lens focal lengths and adjusting accordingly to suit.

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