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Thread: ThinkTank Retrospective vs Lowepro Pro Messenger

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    ThinkTank Retrospective vs Lowepro Pro Messenger

    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to know if anyone had compared the ThinkTank Retrospective and the Lowepro Pro Messenger. Currently looking at a bag for my D700 with grip, 24-70 (attached to camera), 70-200 f/2.8, 50/1.4, 1.4x and a flash and some small accessories and these seem to fit into this category quite nicely.

    Any thoughts on the two?
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    I was asked a similar question a while ago by a friend and after a bit of looking around we found a Vanguard bag, significant cost saving on the other well known brands, quality seems on a par and readily available locally.
    The model that he settled on was this one.
    Apart from some very expensive bags, it seems that all the mainstream manufacturers use factories in China or Viet Nam these days so quality is all probably much the same.
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