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Thread: Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX (Canon) NOT working properly

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    Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX (Canon) NOT working properly

    Hey so I've had this flash for a couple years now and loved using it. I know this problem I have is probably something I'll have to send it into canon to diagnose but I'll be out in the bush photographing animals before sending it in is possible so wanted to check if anyone knows anything about this.

    The problem I have is that one of the flashes stops firing without anything apparently being changed at all. The same flash will sometimes begin to work again for a short period and the focusing light which is connected to the 'motherboard' through the same cable as that flash always works.

    Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.

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    I have had that happen to my A lamp a couple of times I just pull it apart wipe everything especially the hot shoe its amazing how much dust can get on it, then it works again
    Hoping your problem is as easy to fix as mine was.

    I shoot with Canon And Olympus Cameras

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