I haven't posted here for a while - sorry but I've been off getting married, buying a house, settling down - it takes a bit of time from sitting at the computer and posting on the forums
Anyway I thought I would share something that I believe will become common knowledge regarding Nikon's TTL-BL flash and matrix metering relationship.
I was recently told that my theory that TTL-BL flash uses the matrix metering pattern was totally wrong and that it obviously uses the same metering pattern as TTL flash.
Well I did some tests with the D40, D90 and D5100 comparing matrix metering and TTL-BL behavior. .
The results speak for themselves - the reaction of matrix metering to a scene predicts the reaction of TTL-BL flash with that particular body and wireless flash [the main websites on TTL-BL fail to acknowledge that wireless flash meters with the same pattern and results of TTL-BL flash].
Anyway I just thought I'd share and hopefully someone with a different Nikon body could do the same tests and share the results - it will be interesting to see if this theory is consistent across the range.