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Thread: Photo of the Month : 2014 THEME IDEAS

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    1 Thread(s) Photo of the Month : 2014 THEME IDEAS

    Hi everyone,

    the mods and I are working on the themes for the hostgeek 2014 photo of the month. If you have any ideas for themes, please feel free to post them below. Our photo of the month themes tend to be less direct than our weekly themes. Where we might have "RED' for a photo of the week, we would have 'memories of the past' for the monthly comp. So that the photo of the month themes allow a lot more interpretation by each photographer for their entry.

    So over to you, come up with some good photo of the month themes for us. Looking forward to seeing what you suggest
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    I wish.
    If only.
    Lasting impression.
    Took this today.
    It was fun.

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