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Thread: Minolta 7000 Anniversary kit found in garage

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    Minolta 7000 Anniversary kit found in garage

    So I'm going through on eof my mates garages with him the other day to help him clean up and we came across this. Naturally he gave it to me because it had no value to him. Does anyone know anything about these or does anyone have an interest in this gear?

    I have all the manuals for each piece of gear and a warranty certificate for the kit. There were 4 AAA batteries in the bag with the camera that have a price sticker in them for $2.80! There's a roll of film in there too (unused). It would just be interesting to find out a bit about it.

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    By searching "minolta 7000 specs" I got
    this link.

    I still have some Minoltery. It was my basic brand in film cams.

    If it works, well...

    CC, Image editing OK.

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