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Thread: Cheap Macro Flash Rig - Shopping Guide ( Im not selling anything )

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    Cheap Macro Flash Rig - Shopping Guide ( Im not selling anything )

    Wow , How much fun is Macro

    Anyone can try Macro , its as simple as buying some close focus filters :
    But today we are talking Flash rig , so you can improve your DOF ( aperture = Higher F stop ) , and get better images ..
    DOF is critical in Macro , and for that you need higher F stops and for that , you need more light ...

    OK enough of that :
    There is a mount (flash) I have been playing with , the ring mount ... Its cheap , and with a little setting up , works a treat ..
    You can have it as a O mount or a C mount : Cheapest O mount on Ebay Cheapest C mount on Ebay

    If your going to use a single flash , you may want a C mount ... ?

    Now what are you going to use for a Flash ? A nice lightweight flash unit would be good , now the one I use has a low voltage trigger : I have 2 of these , and they work a treat , run 2xAA and are very fast to reset for the next shot .

    Now you will want a swivel mount : These are rather good for the $

    How about a remote trigger , you have several choices here , if you want the cheapest option : These should work Sync Chord

    There you have it :

    This is probably as cheap as it can be done , for a dedicated flash solution , on the cheap ...

    Flash $12
    C bracket $7
    sync chord $1.50
    trigger $4.50
    swivel mount $3

    Or about $30 Australian ( about ) And that , is probably about as cheap as it gets , to have something tune-able ..
    Now you can enhance it if you like ...
    Remote trigger / receiver
    TTL sync chord + TTL flash
    Dual flash
    and , ( buy better quality swivel mounts , cold shoes , and so forth )

    But for $30 , you can take it to the next level :

    Or you can : I dont like hanging stuff off a lens ??? My brother ordered one I think .. ?????????????????????????????????? ? Wow !!! ??? Canon Canon

    Let there be light :
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    Here is my latest : Still playing with it as the flash bracket came today ...

    $12 for bracket
    $12 Flash
    $8 Remote Trigger
    $8 Swivel Mount
    $1 Cable


    Here is the result using this rig : K10 - Promaster 100mm 1:2 Macro ( F18 - ISO100 - 1/125 )
    Image was cropped about 50% , re-sized to 1024 , saved @ 70% quality

    - - - Updated - - -


    1. I wanted to store the remote flash trigger on the kit ...
    2. Cold flash mount from the swivel mount , (4)
    3. O flash bracket
    4. Swivel mount ..
    5. Cold flash mount from the O flash bracket ( swapped )
    6. Cheap nasty Flash ! ( using remote cable trigger - use care with this flash as the hot shoe is a high voltage trigger )
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    I`ll stick to my MT-24EX,
    C+C and Edits Welcome,just tell me what you did.
    Canon 50D,EF-S17-85mm,EF100mm F2.8 Macro,MT-24EX Flash.
    Sigma 150-500mm f5.6-6.3 DG.
    Photoshop Elements 7

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    I bought a proper ring flash off a Chinese website for under $120 delivered.
    You can adjust it through the camera's menus and it works well.
    Had it about 3 years and flashed it thousands of times for insect, flower and product shots, and it's never skipped a beat.
    All my photos are taken with recycled pixels.
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