I would like to welcome Nerdwork to the advertisers here on Ausphotography


• Are you frustrated waiting for your iMac to open applications so you can get work done?
• Is your Macbook taking ages to start up or shut down?
• Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the term iCloud?
• Does your iPad not send and receive emails the same way as your iMac or Macbook Pro?

Then you need our Nerd Work mobile support service.

We come to you!
This saves you precious time and ensures we see the problems in the environment that they occur.
Quite often the issues you see on your Apple products are the result of external devices at your home or business.

We service Caringbah, Cronulla and the entire Sutherland Shire.

Nerd Work is committed to ensuring you get the most out of your Apple technologies, maximising your experience, productivity and performance.

We specialize in the configuration, maintenance, and integration of Apple products into your home or business.
We help home users and businesses increase their productivity through more efficient communications,
better organisation, and utilisation of current technological tools.

I can help you with:
• On site technical support of all Apple products
• iPhone, iPad, iPod and AppleTV support
• iCloud set up and configuration
• Apple product inter-communication including network optimisation
• Email set up and repair
• Calendar and Contact syncing
• File sharing between your computers
• Internet set up and troubleshooting
• Backup advice and setup
• Software updates and upgrades
• Preventative Maintenance
• Installation and set up of Apple computers and accessories
• RAM (Memory) upgrades
• Software troubleshooting
• Hard drive cleanup and free space recovery
• Multiple user configurations (set up controlled accounts for your children)
• Future purchase and upgrade advice
• Fast, clean and efficient service