I've been busy of late travelling (images from trip will be coming soon ) and setting up various stuff for my team that will be participating in the Shitbox Rally next year. If you don't know what the Shitbox Rally is then check out the Shitbox Rally website, but basically it is 250 cars worth under $1000 (i.e. 'shitboxes') attempting to drive 4,000kms across the Aussie outback to raise money for the Cancel Council. Last year the rally raised $1.25 million and next year the aim is $1.4 million!

I'm so excited to be part of the the Shitbox Rally and be raising funds for the Cancer Council, which is a very important charity. The adventure of driving across the Aussie outback in a 'shitbox' should be fun/interesting/challenging too!

Anyway, check out http://www.MarkStrangerTheParkRanger.com for more information on our team and/or to donate. Please support our team by donating or spreading the word through social media (we do have a facebook page) or whatever means. We have a large fundraising target that we are trying to achieve (at least $10,000) so we are going to need all the help we can get. Any help is much appreciated and will help contribute to the great work that the Cancer Council does.

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