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Thread: Welcome Image Witness to the Ausphotography site advertisers

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    Welcome Image Witness to the Ausphotography site advertisers

    Image Witness

    Have you ever needed to:
    • Track whether a Rights Managed image is being used outside license period / restrictions?
    • Understand whether your work is being used according to contract?
    • Find out if your images have been infringed upon? and wanted help to do something about it?
    • Update your references or biography with the end location of your images?
    • See where your images actually end up?

    From conversations with hundreds of photographers, the idea for Image Witness was born. There is no way at the moment for a photographer to track their entire image collection online. With the ever increasing distribution of content online, A service that handles the tracking and monitoring of your images is an indispensable tool for anyone creating content and putting it online.

    With Image Witness as the foundation for monitoring and protecting your images online, you have the door opened to be able to pursue infringements as they are found or simply update your portfolio / bio with the actual location your images have been used. We also offer additional services to help you tackle infringements if you want someone to manage the end to end process.

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    Thanks Rick,

    Great to be onboard. Happy to help members with anything related to image tracking, copyright management, infringement processes, US Copyright registration or anything else to do with protecting your content online.

    Matt Johnson

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    Welcome Matt. There are many conversations on this forum regarding copyright, and the rights of the photographer. It has forced me to read every T&C that I go near on the net. With your help, we as members may gain a better understanding of our rights and responsibilities.
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