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Thread: Neck strap with quick extra length adj for old eyes

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    Neck strap with quick extra length adj for old eyes

    HI Guys,
    Wondering if anyone has solved this one. Being of an age where the eyes are not what they used to be, I find focusing on the lcd screen a little tricky (when in post view, did I get the shot review).

    With my current standard Nikon neck strap I am at full length and cant quite get it far enough away from my eyes to focus. Yes I could/should be wearing my rading glasses but this is a real pain and must be removed when taking the shot(veiwfinder mode) and just plain impractical.

    I need about another 50mm length but a longer strap is not the answer its already swinging about too much when walking.

    I wondered if there was a strap on the market that had say a loop of extra length that quickly unfastened to give me the extra distance but then"hooked" back up in "dangle from neck mode" real quick.

    I once recall a bass guitar strap that was semi elastic and you could stretch away from you but would zap/ retract back up into the right position for playing. This would be perfect its just a matter of getting the elastic strong enough to hold the weight and stretchy enough to give the distance.

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    get a neck strap for your reading glasses instead!
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