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Thread: Anybody know anything about adjusting Canon Lens with the (canon) camera they are using

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    Anybody know anything about adjusting Canon Lens with the (canon) camera they are using

    I have heard about a canon service where you can have your lens focus adjusted to match the type camera you use, has anybody used this service, and if so what did you think of the results..

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    What they do is calibrate your lenses to your camera body. Out of the box, lenses and cameras are tuned to a reasonably good standard, but if precision is what you require getting them calibrated by Canon (Nikon, Olympus, etc) is the way to go. Basically they calibrate your camera body and lenses to be as accurate as possible when used together.

    Many new DSLR offer a micro auto-focus calibration that the user can set. Many find this is enough to ensure great sharpness at the focus point. However to ultimate accuracy, getting them professionally calibrated is the way to go.

    There have been many threads on this site about lens calibration using the micro AF feature that is available to the camera user:
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