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Thread: View NX2

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    View NX2

    The wife has a Windows 8 computer. Tried to download View NX2 and found it did not work. Looked up the cameras manual which makes it clear it will only download Windows 7, Vista and XP. My new computer will be Windows 7 for a lot of reasons and this is one. This might help others avoid the problem, especially if you buy the computer first. Do other photo editing suites have this problem?

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    What? It will only download to Windows 7 and lower?
    Looks like you're right, as shown here.

    Can't you run it in Win 7 compatblity mode? (Is there such a thing in Win8?)

    PS. Not that I know of.
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    The link that Am posted is an old link(early 2012).

    I don't have a current Win8 PC to play with, but early on in the Win8 development, I loaded it onto my Windows tablet to see what it was about.
    I had to do some hacking of the tablet to get it to work, as the tablet I have didn't have the correct hardware specs to run Win8, but I got Win8 running fine on the tablet anyhow(with the hack).

    One of my software priorities is always to load ViewNX onto my PCs for reviewing my NEF files.

    This was before Win8 was officially released, and when it was still a developers release version only ... but I had no trouble running ViewNX2 on Win8 even way back then.

    I can't say what the issue is with your Win8 PC, but ViewNX2 is compatible with Win8 as far as Nikon are concerned.

    not that it should matter too much, but what version of ViewNX2 are you trying to install?

    Maybe it's an older version that may have had issues with Win8.

    Go HERE to find the latest version of ViewNX2 .. which is currently at v2.8.0

    FWIW: I don't recall what version of VNX2 I installed onto my tablet all that time ago, but not only did it not give me any concern, the touch screen ability of my tablet worked for VNX2. And it did seem a fair bit zippier on Win8 as well compared to Win7. But that was almost certainly due to a fresh OS install, and internal OS speed tweaks too. The tablet does have very low hardware specs, so is not the speediest PC available.
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