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Thread: "Check his Lenses!"

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    "Check his Lenses!"

    Hi all,

    Mostly for work I've been traveling on domestic flights for about three years now and in the last 8 week something has changed ...

    While moving through the baggage scanner, I place my bag on the scanning belt, it scans, they always pause it and have a good look at it on xray. That's when the person behind the x-ray machine counter turns around to the baggage checker and shouts out "Check his lenses!". I've never had this before and assumed the could see though them. Maybe not.

    This has happened on the last three times I have traveled. On the last time they wanted me to take both lens caps off so they could inspect (normally it's just the front element cap), I told them no way and they will have to just get a torch - they didn't have one. With a torch one could see any foreign bodies from the front element.

    Anyone else had the issue?
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    Maybe they have been issued with a security alert that intelligence(?) suggests that a bomb etc may be disguised as a lens/hidden inside a lens? No different to taking our shoes off after that guy was detected with bombs in the soles of his a few years back.
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