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Thread: New Pentax Limited Lenses - New Pentax Flash units

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    New Pentax Limited Lenses - New Pentax Flash units

    DENVER, CO, August 27, 2013 –Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation (Ricoh Imaging) is pleased to announce the introduction of five new HD PENTAX DA Limited lenses. The acclaimed HD PENTAX DA Limited series of prime lenses, specifically designed for the PENTAX K-mount DSLR cameras includes the HD PENTAX DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited, HD PENTAX DA 21mm F3.2 AL Limited, HD PENTAX DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited, HD PENTAX DA 40mm F2.8 Limited and HD PENTAX DA 70mm F2.4 Limited, elevating optical design and performance. Touting highly-enhanced optical performance the HD PENTAX DA Limited lenses feature treatments of both SP (Super Protect) coating and the PENTAX-original high-grade multi-layer HD (High Definition) coating, which assures much higher light transmittance than conventional multi-layer coatings delivering sharp, clear images with significantly reduced flare and ghosting, even under demanding, backlit conditions. All five lens models have also been upgraded with completely rounded aperture diaphragms at wide aperture settings for optimal optics performance and gorgeous bokeh effects.
    “Ricoh Imaging continues to innovate and improve all aspects of photography,” said Jim Malcolm, Executive Vice President, Ricoh Imaging. “With an industry-leading 24 APS-C optimized lenses our family of K-mount DSLRs and lenses provides consumers with a system that has been fine-tuned and meticulously architected for optimal image output. And, with enhancements like HD coating, we are continuously helping consumers achieve more technically sound images.”
    Inheriting the distinctive visual description and premium appearance of the lauded PENTAX Limited Lens series, the refreshed line of HD PENTAX DA Limited lenses features a meticulous finish in every detail, from the outstanding image rendition to the high-quality, hand-machined aluminum body, the refreshed lineup provides the utmost durability and elegant design.

    The AF540FGZ II and the AF360FGZ II professional flash units update the Pentax models presently available and have added not only power and design durability, but features to enhance video recording as well. Compatible with Pentax SLR, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras that have a hot-shoe mount, they are powerful and versatile. Their new all-weather construction pairs well with the Pentax WR DSLR cameras. High maximum guide numbers (177.2’ for the AF540 and 118.1’ for the AF360, both at ISO 100) indicate more power than their predecessors; their effective flash ranges run to 26.2’ for the AF540 and 17.7’ for the AF360. They are both auto zoom enabled when shooting with a compatible autofocus camera-and-lens combination.
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    A welcome update to the superb DA lens series. These wonderful compact jewels are among the best lenses one can own.

    Love the new look, and the silver series looks even better. I would imagine that means a silver camera body is in the wind.

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