Mongo got day release to do his annual pilgrimage to the Museum of NSW last week under the care and control of Mrs Mongo.

The standards (and , it seems, number of entries that you see) varies annually.

Must say that year has been the poorest to date. On Mongo's view, it seemed that the number of truly outstanding images could be counted on two four clawed paws ! So, aside from those few images, the rest was a little underwhelming and disappointing. As always, Mongo was consoled and calmed by Mrs Mongo buying him lunch and treats.

Can't say that it's not worth going to - you will have to decide that for yourself.

PS one freaky thing was how good some of the young (appox. 10 year old ) photographers' work was. Mind you , most have equipment that would dwarf a professional's and that they surely could not hope to carry themselves. But their work was very good.