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Thread: Upcoming Photo of the Week themes

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    Upcoming Photo of the Week themes

    With only two more Photo of the Week themes to come in our Tarot series, I have decided to announce what is coming up soon:

    Sun 28th Jul - Wands
    Sun 4th Aug - Swords

    The symbols series

    Sun 11th Aug - (-) subtraction
    Sun 18th Aug - (+) addition
    Sun 25th Aug - (/) division
    Sun 1st Sept - (*) multiplication

    We also had planned for a political based theme for the Federal Election in September, but with the uncertainty about when the election may actually occur due to change of Prime Minister, we may alter the plan between now and the end of the year to accommodate that theme in a timely manner.

    We also have our yearly pirate theme for Talk Like a Pirate day, along with our yearly Sporting theme to fit with the winter sport grand-finals. There is also a series based on Power and another based on geometric shapes to come. Week 50 of 2013 will have our yearly 50mm lens theme.

    Cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with for their entries as the year progresses.
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