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Thread: Macro Ring Flash for Nikon D4

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    Macro Ring Flash for Nikon D4

    Hi All,

    I have recently been looking at a ring light for my D4 and 200mm Nikon Micro. There seems to be two options the LED ring Lights which range in price from around 26.00 to about 60.00 and these seems to range from 48 LED's to around 67 or so. Then there is the Next range like the Vivitar Digital Macro ring light and these are in the 100.00 to 150.00 range. I'd like to ask for some help here does anyone have experience in this area and if so what would you be recommending?

    Kind Regards

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    I have the Canon MR14-EX macro ring flash and after using it for a while to gain some experience in macro photography, I found that it produced unflattering results, despite being able to adjust the flash ratios between the A & B “horse shoe” flash tubes.

    It was very compact and allowed me to get close to insects but the relatively small area of the A & B tubes produced quite harsh shadows and highlights with flat lighting.

    I have since used an off-camera Canon 580 EX II, heavily diffused to increase the apparent area of illumination and this has given me some nice illumination with soft shadows and a more 3D effect.



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