back onto this lens .... again, which(although some folks will see this lens as limited in many respects) is actually quite remarkable in so many ways.

DPR have set up their review, which subsequently means that DxO must also have a review(tested) up as well.

What DPR's analysis shows is that this lens is simply amazing, if it truly does what their results say it does ..... and isn't some anomalous result due to the lens being a pre production sample .. specifically constructed to produce inflated review results!!

They have it tested on a 7D, and so the natural lens to compare it too would be the Canon 17-55/2.8 IS.

And so .. yet again, if the Sigma does indeed sell for only US$800(which to us Aussies will mean about AU$1600 by the time it comes to market!! ) Sigma have the lens to have in the APS-C market.

Why is this lens so remarkable? Well obviously it's not only the specifications of the lens, nor the results of this DPR review .. but the fact that in an ever increasing world of fuller framed DSLR's ... someone is still taking the APS-C market seriously enough to warrant such an extreme lens design type .. and do it well.

I'd love to see this lens reviewed with the Nikon D7100!!