Hi all,

Been a bit busy at works and not able to login as often as I used to... sigh.

Anyway I currently have an opportunity for 2 weeks to do a series of boudoir photography but I am quite struggling to find a suitable apartment/resort/hotel room.

I have gone thru 1 resort, 1 hotel and 1 service apartment so far.

Usually they are too small and I have to use wide angle lens (not desirable for this type of photography), or the setting over is just ugly.

I am looking for a suggestion that:

1) Doesn't break the bank
2) The furnitures/settings look good and classy
3) Got enough area (or length) so I can use anything above 70mm
4) Big enough for me to setup 5 lights (obviously not all my shots will use 5, but I am just saying...)
5) Able to cater for my 5sq meters softbox

It can be on Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated.