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Thread: Slow response times

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    Slow response times

    I have on occasions had some very slow response times waiting for the page to load. This morning about 5.20am and then suddenly it picked up as per normal.(about 6.20 am) Is this something with your site as I have no problems on ebay etc etc.. Has happened at other times as well. I posted a comment in rule changes and tried to add a "thumbs up" icon. This caused very slow response time and when I added to my comments it initially posted my comments twice..(ie repeated my comment in the same post) Perhaps it is me?????? but I can only go on what connections I have to other sites which were working well. cheers Brian
    Cheers Brian.

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    if you use the back/forward buttons in your browser and then try and add to your comment, it will post it twice. Once submitted, use the edit button to amend/append your post and then save.

    I have not noticed the site running slow recently. I get emailed if the site is experiencing high load and other than the daily backup (around 3.00am AEST) I have not had any server response time emails recently.

    Below is what I receive if the server is experiencing high load:
    The server 5 min load average 2.01 is above notification threshold 2

    Local Date & Time : Mon May 27 01:25:03 EST 2013

    Server load for the last minute: 1.75
    Server load for the last five minutes: 2.01 ** Threshold **
    Server load for the last fifteen minutes: 1.84
    Theoretically the server should not start to slow down such that users see a difference until the load gets up toward 7-10 and above.

    Reasons members might experience slow responses that are not caused by the site itself

    connection issues (local, regional, Australia wide, international)
    other issue on users computer
    server is slow
    server is down
    issues anywhere along the connection link

    re connection issues, these include local cabling, local exchange, regional exchange, state exchange, international undersea cable, issue with cabling at server end. Ausphotography is hosted in California, so any issue with the link between your home and the server can impact your response times, anywhere along the connection route.
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