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Thread: Vivaldo's 10 tips for better food photographs

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    Vivaldo's 10 tips for better food photographs

    1. Undercook your food. As food cooks, it loses moisture and shrinks as it cools.

    2. If you can afford it, buy two of what you're shooting.

    3. Make sure your prep is meticulous. Get rid of anything wilted, old or unsightly. Cut, chop and slice precisely.

    4. When designing a plate, consider colour (contrasting or complementary), texture and balance.

    5. Create elevation and movement. Prop pieces up from the back to create definition.

    6. Plan for the use of garnishes. Have appropriate herbs, lemon or limes, or extra ingredients to use if needed.

    7. Know that cool food photographs better than hot food.

    8. Use any available light.

    9. Study food photographs you like. What do they have in common?

    10. Remember less is more; the camera's eye is different to your eye.

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    thanks Jim.

    I would add that for any recent food photos I have done, I have been using an LED panel with 100 LED lights, it spreads the light more evenly over the subject and eliminates shadowing under/around shapely food. The spread of light about 30cm square across the LED panel really diffuses the resulting light very well. I have even started using the panel for my fungi photography.
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    11. Bon appetit!
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