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Thread: Photo news - W/E 5th May

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    Photo news - W/E 5th May

    Hasselblad puts an end to its V line of cameras

    The last 503CW camera has rolled off Hasselblad's production line, the Swedish firm has announced, putting an end to an iconic series of medium format cameras popular for its square format

    Author: Olivier Laurent - 29 Apr 2013

    "Hasselblad is to cease production of its 503CW model – the last V System camera in the company's portfolio," reads a press release issued today. "The decision, which comes into immediate effect, brings to an end over half a century of evolution of the company's original camera line."

    According to Hasselblad's chairman and CEO, Dr Larry Hansen, the discontinuation comes as demand for the 503CW has declined over the past five years. "Everything has its place in time," he says in a statement. "The veteran 503CW, combined with an extensive V System range of interchangeable lenses and accessories, was for 17 years the camera of choice for discerning professionals and aspirational amateur photographers. But there has been a substantial decline in demand for this camera over the past five years or so and the time has come for us to reluctantly consign the V System to history."

    Hasselblad will now be pushing its customers to switch to the H digital system of medium format cameras, as well as new products designed for "advanced enthusiasts", such as the Lunar camera, which was unveiled at Photokina 2012.
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