I have been advised by our hosting service that there will be an outage this coming Saturday afternoon, 13 April 2013.

The outage will be for the following upgrade reasons:

The capacity upgrade will allow our edge along with our distribution routers to handle DDOS Mitigation much more effectively compare to null routing IPs at our edge. As we move forward in 2013 cyber attacks are on the rise that affects many businesses. This new feature allows us to properly filter as well as mitigate DDOS for our customers. There will be a brief outages while fibers are added along with IOS upgrades are done to allow our routers to properly handle future inbound DDOS.

For those who do not know the terminology, DDOS is Distributed Denial Of Service. Basically an attack on a website such that the site server cannot handle the volume of requests it received from the internet and overloads the server, sometimes to the point the server fails.

Please bear with us if you are online this coming Saturday afternoon and the site goes down. It should be offline only for a short time.