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Thread: Samyang 800mm Reflex

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    Samyang 800mm Reflex

    Being on a budget and, in an effort to get a bit more "reach", I recently purchased a Samyang 800mm f/8.0 Reflex lens.
    While I was at it, I got a focus assist chipped T2 mount. Lens is still full manual control but at least the camera now knows what's attached and I get both audible and visual indication of focus. The focus on this lens is quite course above 10 metres so it's really easy to overshoot while rolling back and fourth to get it sharp. It's slow process but I am getting the hang of it.. I think.
    All up this rig has cost me $240.00 so not expecting great things when you consider this is worth something like 1/50th of a 600mm f/4.0 AF lens. A few test shots below which have nothing done at all in pp other resize the large jpeg files down to 1024x683, 250kb for viewing on this site. Original full sized files are pretty much as expected (average) when viewed at 100% but reduced files with a little bit of lovin' in pp seem to come up quite acceptable. I will post some of the results in the appropriate forums over the next few weeks.
    By the way, only in camera enhancement is saturation - 2 all other settings for "Standard" are set to 0.
    All subjects below were well within 10m which made focusing quite easy.

    Hand painted clock:- Actually lied above, this pic has been smart sharpened to 50%, no other pp

    Cushion:- untouched, resized only

    Work Boots:- untouched, resized only.

    100-400mm lens:- untouched, resized only

    Raindrops on car headlight:- untouched, resized only.
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    Looking forward to seeing some more shots, I was thinking about getting one of these for a laugh.

    Would love me some 800mm compression for a moonrise.

    Could you take some shot's that show the bokeh?

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    I've only had one mirror lens that was no good at all, and it didn't come cheap at the time - which, I'm glad to say, is now many decades past. I think it was a Soligor. When it got drowned in a subsequent flood, I felt oddly relieved. Soon after, I went looking for a "real" mirror lens, and tried out a Celestron 90 (of the time, and I sure hope they've fixed them by now). It too was woeful, so I left it there. A bit later I chanced upon a 2nd-hand Tamron500/8. I had tried a new one in a camera store and liked it very much, but couldn't afford the $400 odd at the time. I sure snapped up the 2nd-hand one for $180 and enjoyed using it for years.

    At present, I am trying out an MTO1000/10 that I am borrowing to test for someone. It acts like a 2-litre tin of paint on the camera, but it takes pretty good shots - as can be seen in a recent post. I have no use for such a beast, as its closest focus is 9 metres and it is quite unwieldy unless set on a (strong) tripod. I know that the company make a snazzy-sounding smaller brother at 500/5.6 (a nicely wide aperture) for about the same as you paid.

    I'll look forward to some more shots from it. These look good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triz View Post
    ...I was thinking about getting one of these for a laugh...
    From the looks of the pics here, that would be a happy laugh. Yes, that would be affordable.
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