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Thread: Ausphotography Competition Rules : Reminder

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    Ausphotography Competition Rules : Reminder

    Just a reminder for members to read competition rules before entering. Recently we have had to disqualify more than usual. Mostly due to identifying watermarks on entries. As we run the vast majority of our competitions as anonymous entries, watermarks are forbidden. The idea is that no-one should know who entered which entry when they vote, thus ensuring a more level voting result where forum interaction etc does not affect how someone votes for another member's competition entry. Having a watermark on a competition entry bypasses that anonymity.

    The rules for our competitions are below

    Photo of the Week Rules
    Photo of the Month Rules
    These rules can also be accessed from any competition announcement thread via a link in that announcement, or clicking on Forum Rules on the main menu and then clicking the 'more rules' drop down at the top left of the rules, and selecting the relevant rules you wish to view.

    Note that occasionally we will have differing/additional rules for specific competitions and these will be announced at the time of the competition.

    But PLEASE check the competition rules before entering to ensure your entry is not disqualified. Also note that each member will see their own username on their entry to any competition. This is how the software is setup, and not an error. Every member sees their own username next to their entry. This does not mean other members can see your username.

    Note that once an entry is disqualified, you cannot re-enter that same competition again. The only exception to this is an upload error, where an entry result in a corrupted JPG file or similar, during the entering process. In that case we will then remove that entry and will allow the member to re-enter. But any disqualification for a competition rule breach will see the entrant out of that competition completely.
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