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Thread: Photo statistics

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    Photo statistics

    I know to view the statistics of a photo if you open it in just the image progam on Windows it will show you the statistics. Also if you right click on the photos and go to Properties then the Advanced Tab if there is one you can see them there, but sometimes this doesn't work in some programs.

    My question is what is the best program to use to find out what the statistics are? I mean what kind of camera was used, what focal length, what setting they used for the photo and stuff like that.
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    How and where?

    Do you mean when browsing the web, or your own photos on your hard-drive?

    Oh and the 'statistics' are called EXIF data.
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    Like Rick said, it's called EXIF data.

    The easiest way to view the data with any photo would be to open it up in Chrome or Firefox, with a plugin like "EXIF Viewer".

    Plenty of other programs will show you the EXIF too, Lightroom, and I would pretty much bet any other photo managing software would have it somewhere for you to look at.

    Not everyone who uploads photos to the net will include the EXIF in their photos, for several reasons.. Common two being it adds to the file size, and they don't want you to know what settings they used..

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